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The Poodle Club Of Las Vegas

was originally founded in 1964, at that time it was called the Southern Nevada Poodle Club. Over the years it had gone to a dormant stage until in 1981 Susie Osburn of Lido Poodles revived the club. With her commitment & dedication since 1992 the club hosts two Specialty dog shows every year. Whether in confirmation and / or obedience-rally-agility trials operates under the rules & regulations of the American Kennel Club (AKC) & The National Poodle Club Of America. We would like to applaud Susie for the wonderful job she has done for our club.

The Poodle Club Of Las Vegas is to further the interest as well as help educate the public about purebred Poodles. If you own a poodle, show poodles, breed poodles, or just LOVE POODLES… come join us! Further details and contact information is on the members page.

Friday, November 15th
 Nov. 15-16-17

3 Day Performance Specialty (All Breed)

Barbara Niblack,
Event Secretary
(702) 260-0122
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