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Poodle Rescue and Adoption

Poodle Rescue

Poodle Club Of Las Vegas does its part to help in the rescue of abused, neglected,
and re-homing of purebred poodles.  If you have a purebred poodle that you can
not keep, would like to do fostering or have a forever home for a poodle… Please
contact our Rescue Chairpersons. When we have rescues available, they will be posted
on this page. We are a very small club with limited funds for rescues, so if you would
like to make a donation to help our rescue fund, please do. 

Every donation helps no matter how big or small.

Currently Available:

'Eddie’s story'
Imagine being helpless, left for dead on the side of the road. This is how sweet Eddie came into our care here at Green Valley Animal Hospital. He arrived at our clinic punctured and bruised in several places, in so much pain he could not even walk. Poor Eddie had been attacked by another dog. Far from home, he was left alone to suffer. The Poodle Club of Las Vegas saved Eddie that day and gave him a second chance on life. After several weeks of care he has made a remarkable recovery and has won the hearts of all of our staff. However his recovery is still on-going and he continues to heal and get stronger everyday. If you would like to lend a helping hand in Eddie's recovery and are interested in contributing to the Poodle Club of Las Vegas for his cause, please speak with a receptionist about making a donation today. Every penny counts and is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

' Aurora - 2 yrs. old Female Mini'

' Peluche -2 yrs. old Male Miniature'

' Lucy - 2 yrs. old Female Labradoodle'

' Toshi - 2 yrs. old Poodle / Terrier Mix'

' XENA' 1 yrs. old Female

Rescue Chairpersons -

Colleen Britos (702) 361-5349 or Julie Arnold


 Colleen 'Our Rescue Chairperson'






Low Cost Spay & Neuter now available